A better way to shop for groceries

With Grocery Connect, say goodbye to long trips to the grocery store and
hello to fresh food, less stress, better health, and more time.

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Grocery ordering and pickup in the neighborhood.

Grocery Connect is making food deserts a thing of the past.

Across America, there are thousands of communities without nearby grocery stores where shopping for healthy food is more difficult, time consuming, and expensive than it needs to be. Grocery Connect is changing that.

Through our partnership with Kroger and our network of community service centers, we’re bringing grocery shopping into traditionally underserved urban communities saving families both time and money. Shopping is simple: you order online and at preset community times and locations, a truck delivers your order for pickup at the service center with NO delivery fee.

At each of our community service centers, a helpful concierge can help:

  • Show you how to order your groceries via the Kroger online platform
  • Support you throughout the ordering process
  • Assist you in applying for SNAP eligibility to increase your purchasing power
  • Liaison with our partner Kroger for situations that need special support
  • Introduce you to the regular Kroger drivers who will walk you through each order to guarantee accuracy and your complete satisfaction

Our Mission

Bringing online grocery shopping with support services and free delivery to a Grocery Connect service center in your neighborhood.


Ease of Use

Now, eating well is as easy as ordering online and picking up at your local Grocery Connect service center. Plus, you’ll always have a concierge to help you when you need it.


More Choices

With Grocery Connect, you have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to buying your groceries. With Kroger as our partner, you can choose from tens of thousands of products.


Improved Health

Better access to groceries means better food for you and your family improving your health, your sleep, your energy, and your overall well-being.

Support Better Grocery Access in Our Community

In today’s America, there is no need for communities to be stuck without access to fresh food. Your support of Grocery Connect helps ensure our community gets the healthy, affordable food we need.

Enjoy the Benefits of Easier, Cheaper, Healthier Eating

With Grocery Connect, you can save on what the average family spends on grocery shopping plus countless hours a year in commute time.

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